Episode 48

GTC Interviews: Victoria Douglas


July 12th, 2021

38 mins 37 secs

Season 2

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Erin gets to talk with Victoria Douglas about her upcoming Behemoth Comic "Cinnamon"... as well as covering their favorite cat toys, pokemon and studio ghibli films.

You can find the comic for preorder at https://behemothcomics.us/physical/p/cinnamon-1a

"Cinnamon is just your perfectly ordinary, average house cat. At least until we glimpse the world through her wild eyes! Countertops become skyscrapers, cat toys become biker gangs, and perilous giant robots rampage on the daily! Get drop kicked onto the action packed streets of BIG KITCHEN CITY, as she fights the dark forces that dare to keep her from her favorite treat... CATNIP!"

Releases August 4th, 2021

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