Girls Talk Comics

In which we.... Well you know.

Next Steps for the Girls

Good day readers and listeners alike!

We really, really have been loving recording and developing this podcast. It has been a delight for us, and gives us the focus and structure we like to have in our free-time. Thank you for listening to us and enjoying our time!

We're trying to expand where you can hear us! We got connected with Apple Podcasts, which has been a huge milestone for us! It's been a huge moment of pride for us and we're going to celebrate for probably a long time. (We're just cool like that.)

We have some new goals for our 2021. Girls Talk Comics is looking at moving to YouTube! Or, at least, uploading our podcasts there. (The Girls aren't quite to livestreams yet.) We also are hoping to exceed 2,500 downloads this year! We're close and hopeful.

Wish us luck and see you around!

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